Education & Training

I have earned my Bachelor's degree in child & family studies from Albright College and I have earned my Master's degree in psychology with a specialization in child & adolescent development from Capella University.  I graduated at the top of my classes, was a member of multiple honor societies and was the recipient of the Rose. S. Sacks Social Work Award in 2008.   


My degree-seeking education is complemented by a broad knowledge in other areas focused on helping others enhance their lives.  I am a Certified Green Living Coach (CGLC) and a Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC).  My coach training has been through the Spencer Institute and I have earned a diploma in child nutrition from Shaw Academy.  My academic endeavors have been specific enough to prepare me for work in my field, yet broad enough that I can apply an environmental lens to all my disciplines.

Professional Experience

Most of my professional experience has been in the environmental field working for the largest township in the nation.  Since 2004, I have held several roles within the department of sanitation including managing a nature preserve located at a former landfill, acting as an office manager at an active transfer station, and providing environmental education and community outreach programs for our local communities. 


In addition to working in the environmental field, I have extensive experience as an early childhood educator and as a habilitation specialist in the mental health care industry.  Serving in various capacities across disciplines has shaped my unique style of providing educational and coaching services.  



Community Involvement

The most invaluable and rewarding experiences I have had have been through my direct community involvement.  I actively live my purpose of helping others and doing my part to preserve the environment by volunteering with several political, environmental, and religious organizations.  Within these organizations and community groups I hold various board positions and serve on several committees.


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As a self-motivated individual with easily transferable skills enhanced by my academic studies and professional duties I have a proven ability to work in challenging situations while providing quality services to clients.  I am uniquely qualified to help others navigate their environmental adventures and succeed in reaching their green living goals.   

Danielle Annarella

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What is green living?

Green living is an extension of healthy living that helps people and the planet.  It is the act of living with the intent of interacting with the environment in a way that prevents as much harm to it as possible.   The goal is to change the purpose of how we live and create a balanced lifestyle that works with nature rather against it.  This is possible when personal awareness is tended to and eco-conscious choices are made in our daily lives. 

Why choose green living?

The obvious reasons for choosing to go green are environmental in nature.  Following green living principles can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, improve air & water quality, and protect ecosystems & biodiversity.  These are all wonderful reasons, especially if you consider yourself an environmental enthusiast, however, there are a plethora of other reasons to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Green living can improve the physical, mental, and social health of individuals and families, supports public health care systems, is good for the economy, creates new job markets, and saves time & money.  No matter your motivation(s) - environmental, health, or financial - incorporating green living principles will significantly improve your quality of life.

Exceptional Green Living Services

Most people quit their pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestlye before they even begin.  Sometimes it's because they get overwhelmed by the abundance of environmental information available and don't know where to start.  Sometimes it's because they are under the impression that the only way to go green is to put solar panels on their roofs or purchase electric vehicles.  Others might be hesitant to go green because they think it's expensive.  I am here to bust through the green living myths holding people back and to help those who are ready to live a life that supports their health and the health of our planet.  The green living services I offer are meant to help clients understand just how simple, affordable, and fun green living can be so that they can make meaningful changes that support their goals. 

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