Do you worry about the future of our planet

and wish you could make a difference?

Are you busy juggling multiple responsibilities

while trying to live within a budget?

Are you ready to make simple changes that support your health, your wallet and the environment?

Many people think that in order to have an impact on our environment, they need to completely overhaul their lifestyle. As a result, they end up doing nothing because it seems too overwhelming. Don’t make this mistake. Even if all you can do is make one or two small changes, it is better than nothing.


Working with a coach can help you to live greener without having to give up everything you love.  

This is green living for REAL people who want to maintain their health and save money while embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle in a judgement free zone.  You do not have to be a perfect, tree hugging environmentalist striving to be zero waste to work with a green living coach. 


Green living is a process that looks different for everyone and is constantly evolving as our awareness grows. 


As my client you have permission to take this journey at your own pace, to have set backs, and to perhaps even stumble along the way…as long as you continue to learn & grow from the experiences.

I tend to view green living as a sort of continuum that is highly personalized and looks different for everyone involved.  It is an extension of healthy living that helps people and the planet and is the act of living with the intent of interacting with the environment in a way that prevents as much harm to it as possible.   The goal is to change the purpose of how we live and create a balanced lifestyle that works with nature rather against it.  This is possible when personal awareness is tended to and eco-conscious choices are made in our daily lives.


As your coach I will help you through every step of your green living journey.  We will work together to develop and reach your goals within a framework that creates balance in your life.  There is no pressure for busy, budgeting beginners (or those refining their skills beyond the basics) who want to preserve the environment as well as their sanity. 

What's It All About?

  • The practical skills you need to live a greener lifestyle that provides comfort and impact

  • How to take control of your actions and create habits that are healthy for you and the environment

  • How to be empowered, rather than overwhelmed, by what you can do to make a difference

  • How to leverage your savings when implementing green living principles

  • How to maintain and improve your health through healthier green living options

You will learn:

  • Inspiration, motivation and the support you need to focus on your goals

  • To save money and reduce living costs through the implementation of green living strategies

  • To maintain or improve your health through the implementation of green living strategies

  • Satisfaction knowing that you are contributing to the greater good of our planet

  • A no pressure, judgement free experience that allows for learning & growth through imperfection

You can expect:

  •  Setting green living goals

  • Greener pantries  - healthy, sustainable non-toxic food choices

  • Greener personal care – understanding what is in the products we use everyday and their effect on our health and the environment

  • Greener living spaces – understanding how to maintain a home that supports our health without causing damage to the earth.

  • Greener child – haw to create a safe & healthy environment from pregnancy through adolescence

  • Starting or keeping a garden

  • Waste, recycling and compost

  • Applying the 3R's: reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Applying zero waste strategies to daily living

  • Energy & water conservation strategies

  • Eco-consumerism & green shopping

  • And, much more! 


Some topics my clients focus on: