On site environmental education services are available to schools, libraries, businesses, and community organizations located in Nassau County, NY.  Please send an email to EastCoastEcoSolutions@gmail.com to request education services outside of this area.  



Adult Presentations (60-90 min) - $150

Includes topic specific Power Point presentation, discussion and resource materials.  

Limit of 100 participants


Adult Presentation Series (60-90 min/session)

Includes topic specific Power Point presentation, discussions and resource materials.  


2 sessions - $250

4 sessions - $450

6 sessions - $650

limit of 100 participants/session


Adult Workshop (90 min) - $150

Includes an introduction to green living that will help participants understand how they can improve their health while lessening their environmental impact.  Individual goals will be explored and action steps will be created so that participants are able to easily apply green living principles in their daily lives.  

Limit of 12 participants

Eco Education

Services & Rates

Eco Education for Children
Eco Education for Adults



Library Program (60 min) - $150

Includes Power Point presentation, hands on demonstrations, music, crafts, activities, games, worksheets, resource materials, etc.  

Limit of 12 participants 

School Assembly (40-60 min) – $150

Includes Power Point Presentation and hands on demonstration.

Limit of 200 participants. 


Classroom Visit (40-60 min) - $150

Includes Power Point presentation and hands on demonstration.  May also include any combination of music, crafts, activities, games, worksheets, resource materials, etc.

Limit of 24 participants


Scout Program (45-60 min) - $150

Custom programs designed to help scout troops earn specific environmental badges.  They may include Power Point presentations, hands on demonstrations, group activities, crafts, resource materials, etc.

Limit of 12 participants.

+$10/additional scout (up to 4)

Events & Fairs

available for children & adults


Includes display table highlighting eco-friendly products and custom resource materials for children & adults.


Up to 4 hours - $250

Up to 6 hours - $350

Guest Speaking

Have a Certified Green Living Coach attend your next community, organization, or business meeting to address specific green living principles that compliment your purpose.

These appearances are available on-site (Long Island) or online (webinar)Custom resource materials will be provided to supplement the meeting.

On-site - $125

Online - $100

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