Eco audits are available for clients in Nassau County, NY seeking

1-on-1 on-site support to reach their goals.


Each audit addresses specific challenges and custom eco solutions that can help clients live their healthiest, greenest life across domains. 

A one month e-coaching membership is included with each

audit to provide resource materials and coach support

before, during and after the audit.  

Eco Audits - $225

Home Audit


Home audits are available to help clients assess their green living challenges.  Together, we will identify areas with potential eco solutions that can help clients live healthier, save money, and protect the planet.  Clients may choose a general home audit or a specific area of focus.

Grocery Store Audit


The average American family spends $7000 annually at the grocery store on products that are bad for their health, bad for their wallet, and bad for the environment.  During this audit at the clients store of choice we will identify shopping habits and goals as well as evaluate available options for applying eco solutions that will improve the clients life and save money in the short term and long term. 

New Baby Audit


Expecting and new parents can  learn how to create a healthier, greener environment for their baby during this home audit.  Together, we will  assess the health of your home and the products available for you to provide safer, greener baby care that will foster your child's optimal development., save you money, and protect the planet.