Expected Outcomes

Bust through the myths & challenges that are holding you back from success

Incorporate green living principles to maintain or improve your health

Optimize your finances while going green

Create a balanced lifestyle that prevents as much harm to the planet as possible while keeping you safe

Danielle is a dynamic educator & coach who is uniquely qualified to help others navigate their environmental challenges and succeed in reaching their green living goals. It is her mission to inspire change and empower others to live a healthier, greener lifestyle across domains.  

Danielle has an academic background in psychology & sociology, more than 14 years of professional experience in the environmental field, and is actively involved in several community organizations that promote sustainability. She delivers quality services and authentic insight based on her informal and formal training.  

Danielle’s programs & presentations are informative & engaging for all ages.  She is available for school presentations, scout troop activities, library events, individual & business coaching, and eco audits. 

Read more about my academic and professional background here.

Danielle Annarella

Taking Your Green Living Skills To The Next Level

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